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A Diary of Dreams and Visions KindleDo you believe God still speaks to us today? Do you long to hear from Him? The author grew up believing God no longer spoke, but that changed when God actually started speaking to Him in dreams that literally came true.

These stories are to encourage and strengthen your walk with the Lord in asking for Him to communicate His love, direction and hope directly to you.




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September 9, 2001: In a dream, an angel leads Darren Hibbs around Manhattan and shows him the collapse of the World Trade Center, two days before it actually happens.

March 15, 2003: God shows Darren the building that would replace the World Trade Center. It looked exactly as it appears today. God gave Darren a message that in the day of One World Trade Center’s completion, America would hang in the balance. That day is now.

Will America choose God’s way and receive a blessing or will we reject God and fall deeper into sin and trouble. Find out how you can be a part of turning America back to God in The Year of the Lord’s Favor?


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Spiritual GiftsThere has been a heightened interest in the debate over whether God still operates through the super-natural gifts of the Holy Spirit today. I have personally experienced God’s move through His spiritual gifts, but I also understand people who are hesitant to believe in them.

With anything as good and beneficial as God’s spiritual gifts, there is excess and silliness that turns people off. I hope that this book will give you a new desire to seek God for His supernatural gifts as well as temper your understanding with some basic theological foundations of the gifts.